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This idea is basically taken from 1000 Journals Project.

The concept is that I send out a journal to one of you, and you'll add something to it; a story, art, pictures, one day in your life, stuff about you, where you're from etc.. And then, instead of returning it to me, you'll send it to the next person "on the list". And when the book is full you'll return it to me.

&& Menu
Members (in order) - See who's got the journal right now and where it's going next.

&& Join
- Join the community and while waiting for my approval..
- ..Send me an e-mail (onejournal@gmail.com) containing;
   & LJ-username
   & First and Last Name
   & Complete MAILING-address
I won't add you if you haven't sent me your mailing-address.

- One thing to keep in mind is that this is international, so you may have to send the journal out of your country. So check with your post-office how much it will cost you to send the journal out of the country. Because we don't want the journal to stop at one place because you can't afford to send it out of the country.

&& Receiving The Book
- Feel free to write about yourself and add a picture, it's fun to see who's had the journal before you. Thereafter you can tell us about one day of your life, draw, show us even more pictures, art. Whatever you'd like :)

&& Sending The Book
- Instead of sending it back to me I'll give you the mail-address to the next person on the list, and you will have pass the journal on to this person.

&& Link The Traveling Journal
Not required or anything, but it would be nice ^^